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Children between 4 and 10 years old frequently enjoy "playing shops" or "keeping house".  Kiddicraft Miniatures meet their need for little tins and cartons, bottles and jars "just like Mummy's".  These Miniatures are the basis for much imaginative play, of real help to children in their development.  These Miniatures are perfect scale reproductions of well known food and domestic packs.  The completed collection will consist eventually of several hundred items.. These delightful Miniatures are sold in Assortments, packed in bags, cartons, baskets and so on.  Every Assortment is different.  Each can be bought in turn to give a child the widest selection.  Kiddicraft have also provided "money" for shopping, a cheque book for "paying bills", and even a Miniature of Building Beakers for dolly's playtime, additional to these assortments.  The little tins, cartons and jars contain sugar sweets, and the tiny bottles sugar syrup, except for the Stergene left empty as a precaution to children.  The sweets and syrup approximate in colour or form the contents of the full size products being simulated.  Only approved colourings are used.  There are many toys for collection by small boys - Kiddicraft Miniatures are one of the few "collection" toys for girls.


Below are listed all 92 varieties of TINS that were produced that we know of.  12 are missing reference numbers and do not appear on wholesale lists or catalogues in the archive.  If you know of any more, have lists that feature more or can help fill in the 'WANTED' gaps then please get in touch through the 'Contact Us' page in the menu.


The collection would not be what it is without the generosity of two fellow collectors - my special thanks go to Suzanne Biallot-Siebert and Susan Mayes who generously donated examples to help complete the archive.

Foster Clark's Garden Peas (T25)

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