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Products produced between 1978 and 1991 carried a 3 digit reference number prefixed by K and a double digit.





All wooden products apart from Jigsaws and Miniatures were dropped in 1977 and Kiddicraft concentrated on plastic and fabric products.

Numbers were not engraved into product, but were indicated on the box and in Trade catalogues.

Where there is a product in the archive we have photographed it.  Where we have no product but do have a catalogue then we have scanned the catalogue page as an image 'holder' until we get an actual product to photograph.  Where we have no product or no image then we've posted a 'WANTED' sign.  Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' link in the menu bar if you can help.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed images, acknowledgements have been made in product text.

K03 360 Websters Playhouse

This is a real fun packed home for great imaginative play with Webster and his Cobweb family. Friendly family characters are individually styled and fully mobile - Webster, Webmum, Websis and Webson with his special climbing skills. There are lots of exciting features including the wind-up drainpipe lift with the run-down track, zig-zag dropping trap doors and a wind-up winch with a suction pad for lifting Mini-Websters onto the flip-down spider platform. In the delightful roof garden the Websters can sit and watch the TV with the special effect holographic screen. The main garden has a pond, plug in flowers and an archway. It comes complete with a mini-shower for the end of Webster\\'s exhausting day. All features neatly pack away for easy carrying.

From 3 years

Country : United Kingdom

Year : 1988

Notes : New in 1988 Catalogue

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1978-1991~ K01-, K02-, K03-, K05- Ref. No's - K03 360 Websters Playhouse -
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1978-1991~ K01-, K02-, K03-, K05- Ref. No's - K03 360 Websters Playhouse -
K03 360_2.jpg