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Products produced between 1963 and 1977 carried a 3 digit reference number prefixed by a single digit and a hyphen.

2-XXX = Kiddicraft Toys & Creative playthings

3-XXX = Kiddicraft Nursery products for babies

4-XXX = Happy Prince products - a cheaper alternative to Kiddicraft quality products

5-XXX = Kiddicraft Wooden Products

6-XXX = Kiddicraft Miniatures

Numbers were not engraved into product, but were indicated on the box and in the consumer catalogues included in every product.  Trade catalogues also carry the appropriate references.

Where there is a product in the archive we have photographed it.  Where we have no product but do have a catalogue then we have scanned the catalogue page as an image 'holder' until we get an actual product to photograph.  Where we have no product or no image then we've posted a 'WANTED' sign.  Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' link in the menu bar if you can help.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed images, acknowledgements have been made in product text.

5-135 Pony Boy

Kiddicraft WOODEN TOYS 

Children are sensitive at a certain age to texture, weight and form in their playthings.  Carefully chosen colours, contrasting with plain surfaces, also have special.  All these features can be combined in wooden toys in a way that cannot always be achieved with plastics or metal.  Consequently every child should have wooden toys of good design, amongst other playthings.  The range of Kiddicraft Wooden Toys includes playthings to interest children actively moving about, and also for them to enjoy during hours of quiet constructive play.  There are push toys and pull toys and toys to put together on the floor.  Just as with the Kiddicraft Toys of plastics materials, care is taken to make these wooden toys of some educational value in the course of happy play.  Kiddicraft Wooden Toys are made of selected material, beautifully finished in non-toxic colours and clear lacquer.  Metal parts have a rust-resistant finish.  Each gift box is labelled according to the age at which a child will most appreciate the playthings.


When the cord is pulled tight, this shock headed lad jumps on his pony and gallops away.  However he is treated, he cannot stray from his pony, because of the connecting cord.

Age :  3 - 5 years

Year :  1960



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1963-1977 ~ 2-, 3-, 4-,5- & 6- Prefix Ref. No's - 5-135 Pony Boy -
1963 - 47 - 5-135 Pony Boy.jpeg
1963-1977 ~ 2-, 3-, 4-,5- & 6- Prefix Ref. No's - 5-135 Pony Boy -
1963 - 5-135.jpeg