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Lego piece


Products produced between 1963 and 1977 carried a 3 digit reference number prefixed by a single digit and a hyphen.

2-XXX = Kiddicraft Toys & Creative playthings

3-XXX = Kiddicraft Nursery products for babies

4-XXX = Happy Prince products - a cheaper alternative to Kiddicraft quality products

5-XXX = Kiddicraft Wooden Products

6-XXX = Kiddicraft Miniatures

Numbers were not engraved into product, but were indicated on the box and in the consumer catalogues included in every product.  Trade catalogues also carry the appropriate references.

Where there is a product in the archive we have photographed it.  Where we have no product but do have a catalogue then we have scanned the catalogue page as an image 'holder' until we get an actual product to photograph.  Where we have no product or no image then we've posted a 'WANTED' sign.  Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' link in the menu bar if you can help.

Our grateful thanks to those who have already contributed images, acknowledgements have been made in product text.

5-360 Cento

The toy that makes 100 toys.

Cento will give hours of enjoyment to the child who loves constructing things, at first according to the hundred drawings provided and then to his own requirements.  The possibility of using household bits and pieces such as foil, cardboard and cotton wool to embellish his models is further encouragement to imaginative creation.. Cento's variously shaped and coloured hardwood pieces and plastics-covered metal connectors can be used again and again.

Age :  6 - 10 years.

Year : 1970? - Discontinued in 1973 catalogue

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1963-1977 ~ 2-, 3-, 4-,5- & 6- Prefix Ref. No's - 5-360 Cento -
1973 - 52 - 5-360.jpeg
1963-1977 ~ 2-, 3-, 4-,5- & 6- Prefix Ref. No's - 5-360 Cento -
1974 - 50 - 5-360 Cento (NLA).jpeg
1963-1977 ~ 2-, 3-, 4-,5- & 6- Prefix Ref. No's - 5-360 Cento -