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Kiddicraft Compojig Puzzles from, I believe 1942.  There were only two puzzles produced as far as I can tell, both aeroplane related.  If anyone has any further information please get in touch.

KCJ.100 Flying Boat "Clare"

A Kiddicraft Compojig - KCJ.100 - Pilot's Control Cabin, British Airways Flying Boat "Clare"

Authentic and accurate in detail.

GIANT SIZE 18 x 29 ins.

Instruments and dials are cut separately and must be assembled in their correct position.

Produced in co-operation with British Airways.

For Boys and Girls 10 - 16 Years - KCJ-100

Flying Boat "Clare" - Built by Short Bros.  Engined by Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd.

153 pieces

Believed to be 1942

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Compojig - KCJ.100 Flying Boat "Clare" -
KCJ.100 Compojig Clare.jpeg
Compojig - KCJ.100 Flying Boat "Clare" -
KCJ.100 Transatlantic Flying Boat Clare Box.jpeg